Overview Workshops Sarajevo Peace Event 2014 (Draft)

Here you will find all information about the workshops. The list contains the updates until 01.06.2014. All other updates are only visible in the program. If there are contradictions between both, the program is the leading version.

First there are five lists, order by our five main topics. Each one contains the workshops belonging to that topic/category. The list contains the unique number of the workshop, the title, the speakers, the abstract and the room (abbriviation) and the time schedule.

The workshop tables are orderable. Do change the order of the table, click in the header of the column, you want to select.

For each topic also a Round Table (RDT) exists: CPN- A Culture of Peace and Nonviolence RDT 3, GWP - Gender, Women and Peace RDT 1, MA - Militarism and Alternatives RDT 2, PSJ - Peace and Social Justice RDT 4 and RDP - Reconciliation and Dealing with the Past RDT 5.

The legende regarding the abbriviation of the rooms in the workshops list you will find in the list of buildings, which are below. These contain the buildungs and the availible rooms and the defined timeslots, the cells contains the workshop numbers.

Please be patient with us, we know that these list are actual not error free. Your feedback is welcome. Please send it to us and mention workshop and its number, which you like to address. Send this email to forum@peaceeventsarajevo2014.eu