Information regarding the provision of translations

Translation and interpretation during the Peace Event Sarajevo 2014
The opening and closing ceremonies as well as the roundtables will be interpreted in English - “local language” as well as in “local language”- English. Local language is hereby referring to Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian.

For the forum workshops of the Peace Event Sarajevo 2014 the organizers of the workshops are responsible for clear information regarding the spoken language and if translation is provided. There will be workshops that will be conducted solely in English or in “local language”. The final version of the program will include a reference to the language in which the workshop will be conducted in and whether or not interpretation in a particular language will be available. Furthermore, each workshop is free to see if there are possibilities to offer "whispering translation" conducted by the participants for the participants during the workshops.
At the moment, other language arrangements are unfortunately not conceivable due to a limited financial budget.

Call for volunteers - translators
We are looking for volunteers, which can help to solve the translation problem in the workshops. If you can support us by providing participants with translations, please send an email to and mention "volunteers - translator" in the subject. We are looking forward to hear from you with which languages you are able to work.