Round Table Gender Women Peace

A controversial debatte about UN Resolution 1325

Women around the world have celebrated UN Security Council Resolution 1325 of 2000 on Women, Peace and Security, welcoming it as a tool for peace, democracy and the prevention of war. In the years since its adoption the world has witnessed a massive increase in military spending, and more illegal and disastrous wars, with the ‘protection’ of women sometimes used as a pretext. Although European countries have implemented the UN 1325 resolution, the presence and participation of women in decision making structures are not increasing and in post conflict situations women are more victims than active part of building peace. We see NATO citing Resolution 1325 while, instead of peace-keeping, it fosters militarization, expands its machinery worldwide, and fights aggressive wars.

In the Round Table we want to discuss our demand for a peaceful, gender-just, non-violent society, in which women are visible in the public and integrated in decision making and societal responsibilities, a society with respect and dignity for all human beings independent of their religion, tradition, colors and origin.

Speakers: Ingeborg Breines (Norway, Co-President IPB), Dragana Dardic (BiH, Helsinki Citizens' Assembly Banja Luka), Jadranka Milicevic (BIH, Foundation CURE and CARE International, Sarajevo), Sissy Vovou (Greece, Activist)

Moderation: Kristine Karch (Germany, Int’l Network No to War - No to NATO)

Photo Impressions Round Table Gender Women Peace

Speakers: (left to right)

Jadranka Milicevic (BIH, Foundation CURE and CARE International, Sarajevo), Dragana Dardic (BiH, Helsinki Citizens' Assembly Banja Luka), Kristine Karch (Germany, Int'l. network "No to war - no to NATO"), Ingeborg Breines (Norway, Co-President IPB), Sissy Vovou (Greece, Activist)

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Speech by Dragana Dardić

Dragana Dardić, Helsinki Citizens' Assembly Banjaluka, focused on two segments of the Resolution:

  1. Increasing the participation of women at decision – making positions at all levels of authorities in BiH and
  2. Women’s contribution o conflict solving and sustainable peace.

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Speech by Ingeborg Breines

A critical reflection about UNSC Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security.

by Ingeborg Breines, Co-president of IPB (Unternational Peace Bureau)

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Speech by Sissy Vovou

Sissy Vovou (Greece, Feminist, antiwar activist, member of the Antinationalist-Antimilitarist Initiative and the World March of Women)

Homage for the victims of wars, tribute to the ideas and actions for peace

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