The Youth Camp

The youth camp will be decentralized in the city of Sarajevo from June 5-10 2014. We will offer cheap accommodation in central locations for young adults (minimum age 18). For staying in the youth camp and participating in the youth activities we ask for a financial contribution of 40 Euros (reduced 5 Euros, solidarity contribution 80 Euros) per person.
We will organize infrastructure for the camp, tents, sleeping bags etc. have to be self-organized. Youth activities will be conducted close to the youth camps and in the city center. If you would like to stay in the youth camp for the Sarajevo Peace Event please send us the following first information:

Registration to the Youth Camp

We affirm the code of conduct for the camp:*

The code of conduct for the camp: The camp rules .pdf


Bank Account

Name of recipient: IALANA

IBAN DE64 5335 0000 1000 6680 83


Reference “Donation Youth Camp”