Registration for Peace Event Sarajevo June 6-9 2014


Sarajevo June 6 - 9, 2014 (Pentecost)

Registration is open now - please register

Now the registration to the Peace Event is open, spread the word and advocate peace, non-violence, and justice. Become an active part of the big peace event in Sarajevo. Registering is the first step. The sooner you do it the more you help us to organize the event. Thus please register now.

Come and transform a world of war and violence to a culture of peace, non-violence, and justice!

We invite you to meet in Sarajevo, one century after the beginning of World War I and two decades after the end of the bloodiest war in Europe since World War II. 1914-2014 can be viewed as symbolic dates for the global dominance of structural and cultural violence and as century of a “Culture of War and Violence”. Today, more than 20 wars in the world have to be stopped.

However, the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century have also seen a world-wide rise of the peace movement and of nonviolent mass actions and achievements as alternatives to war and violence. One can even witness such movements in the Western Balkans today.

Participate and support a cultural change for peace in the world!

We invite you to join in activities and events, discuss and exchange ideas and experiences with people from the Balkans, Europe and all over the world and to actively participate in the whole process. Register here.

Create and be part of a different world!

Hundreds of different events will be conducted:  workshops and plenary sessions in an international forum, culture and arts activities throughout the city center, and an international youth camp with youth activities. Among others Nobel Peace Prize Laureates Mairead Maguire and Adolfo Pérez Esquivel will give keynote speeches and participate in different activities. For further information, please see our website.

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Alessandro Capuzzo (Italian Network for Civil Peace Corps, Trieste) | Bernard Dréano & Viviane Gendrot & Philippe Bourdier(Helsinki Citizens' Assembly France, Paris) | Christian Renoux (International Network for a Culture of Nonviolence and Peace, Paris) | Dragana Dardic (Helsinki Citizens' Assembly Banja Luka) | Goran Bubalo (Mreža za izgradnju mira/Network for Building Peace, Sarajevo) | Ljuljjeta Goranci Brkic (Nansen Dialog Center, Sarajevo) | Pete Hämmerle (International Fellowship of Reconciliation Austria, Wien) | Reiner Braun (International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms/International Peace Bureau, Berlin) | Zaira Zafarana (Comitato Italiano per una Cultura di Pace e Nonviolenza/MIR Italy, Torino)

Network for Building Peace * Fondacija "Publika" * forumZFD * KULT * International Peace Committee * HCA Banja Luka * Nansen Dialogue Center * Kulturni Forum * City of Sarajevo * Municipality Centar * Municipality Stari Grad * Municipality Novo Sarajevo * Municipality Novi Grad * Municipality Ilidža * UNSA Peace Studies Department * Fondacija CURE