Peace Assembly

Monday June 9, on the final day of the Peace Event, it will be time for the future with the Assembly of Convergence for Peace. The organizations, networks, movements, individuals, who have been thinking and working together during the Forum’s round tables and workshops and the Youth Camp can gather to jointly evaluate which common action or work they may propose or strengthen in order to build this other world of peace and justice we want.

In case there is a demand, this Assembly of Peace can be organized with several “meetings of convergence for action” before joining together. In such “meetings of convergence“, participants can join together to see how to carry on discussion on specific topics and themes as a result or an outcome of the activities during the Peace event, and/or to build international actions and campaigns. All kinds of action can be considered as working base for these convergences - something that should facilitate the articulation between different networks and movements.

The Peace Event does not deliberate as a body. There will be no final declaration or statement on behalf of all the participants. No-one, therefore, is authorized, to express positions claiming to be those of all its participants. Nonetheless, participants, organizations or groups of organizations that participate in the Peace event can deliberate on declarations or actions they may decide on, whether singly or in coordination with other participants. The Peace Event will circulate such decisions without directing, hierarchizing, censuring or restricting them, but as deliberations of the organizations or groups of organizations that made the decisions.

The participants who want to propose ideas, initiatives, actions, campaigns to be discussed at the Assembly of Convergence for Peace, or to propose a thematic Meeting of Convergence can do it during the first 3 days of the Peace Event.


Outcome of the Peace Assembly

Particiants put their proposals, whishes, comments and greetings to the papers on the wall.