Finacial help needed

by kristine karch

Finacial help needed

Dear friends and colleagues,

the Peace Event Sarajevo 2014 lies some month behind us now, but we still have it in our minds. It was the biggest international peace event 2014 and a central meeting point for peace activists in the year 2014 inviting for discussing with old and new friends and experiencing many cultural activities and dialogues of peace, non-violence, and justice. We got a lot of positive even enthusiastic reactions.

We hope you keep the event in good memories and build on the experiences and impressions of the days in Sarajevo. We put together a lot of information, reports and photos on the website

From the very beginning we knew about how grand a challenge would be the conduction of a large international bottom-up peace event 100 years after the beginning of WWI. With little financial means and with the support and help of all participants, individuals and/or organizations conducting workshops or other events we managed to commonly prepare and conduct a large international event that gave impetus to persons, organizations, and movements dealing with questions on how to make the life of people more peaceful and just.

We also could finalize the financial balance of the Peace Event. The amount of the central budget was round about 60 000 €. With the big help of organizations and donors we could pay all the bills. At the end the Peace Event has a deficit of 5 000 €. With the support of the international coordinating committee we could reduce it to 4 000 €. We would like to call again for your support and help. When 40 people pay 100 € or 80 people pay 50 € we can solve the problem.

We would like to ask you for a financial contribution for erasing this remaining deficit. Please support the Peace Event with a donation. Every donation, even a very small one is heavily welcome. Please transfer the donation to the following account:


Bank: Sparkasse Marburg-Biedenkopf

IBAN: DE64533500001000668083


Keyword: Donation Peace Event

Only together and in solidarity we were able to have this large grassroots event. Please help us now to financially bring the event to a good ending.

Greetings and thanks for your support,

For the international coordinating committee

Reiner Braun

For the Communication group

Kristine Karch

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