The new poster for the Peace Event Sarajevo 2014

Download, print and spread the poster in your networks!


Download the newspaper as 4 singele pages

Webversion_ES_newspaperSarajevo_en.pdf (1.6 MiB)

Download the printable version of the newspaper

Printversion_newspaper_Sarajevo_en.pdf (6.3 MiB)

Flyer for the Peace Event Sarajevo 2014

The international coordinating committee launched a flyer for presenting the Peace Event Sarajevo in June 6-9 2014 including the concept of the event and contact details.

Peace Event Sarajevo Flyer.pdf

Read the new flyer for the Youth Camp

New flyer for the Youth Camp.pdf

Newspaper 1914 - 2014

1914 - 2014 We stand firm to achieve Peace without Weapons!

a newspaper published in autom 2013 by organizations involed in preparing the Peace Event Sarajevo 2014