How to get in Sarajevo

Sarajevo is sometimes called the Jerusalem of Europe. Many cultures, religions, trade routes, and events brought many different people together. During the Sarajevo Peace Event 2014, this again will be the case. Since everybody has a different budget and a different wish how to travel, there are multiple ways to visit Sarajevo, which are listed below.

By plane – Bosnia and Herzegovina has different airports, of which the most frequently used one is the Sarajevo Butmir Airport. Since plane tickets tend to be more expensive when the departure date approaches, we advise you to book in advance to spare money, as well as to be sure about the availability of seats. From most countries there are few to no direct flights to Sarajevo Butmir Airport. Common stops are Istanbul, Belgrade, and Vienna.
It is sometimes profitable to look into a combination of a flight and a train ride. An option is to book a cheap charter flight to one of the surrounding capitals of neighboring countries, and take a train or bus ride from there to Sarajevo.

Other airports in Bosnia are located in Banja Luka, Tuzla, and Mostar.

By train – Sarajevo has a train station with frequent rides from and to Belgrade and Zagreb. On the website of the Railways of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, more information is to be found on buying tickets online, the validity, and the timetable.

By bus – Sarajevo has two bus stations. The main bus station “Autobusna Stanica” is located next to the train station and covers arrivals and departures of Croatia and most other international destinations. The other bus station “Autobusna 'Lukavica' or 'Istočno (Источно) Sarajevo” covers arrivals and departures of Serbia and Montenegro. We advise you to buy tickets in advance, since international bus rides tend to be crowded. The sooner you purchase a ticket for a seat, the better.

By car – Roads in Bosnia and Herzegovina are often a single lane in either direction. Due to the amount of mountains, hills and sharp bends, the speed limits are often 80 km/h. The mountains caused a large amount of tunnels too. Therefore it is obligated to use your lights during day and night time. There are different mobile phone applications as well as websites that try to bring people who are open for carpooling and sharing petrol costs, together. These rides however, are always at your own risk. Here are a few listed below: