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Are you a journalist or another representative of a media institution? We are happy to work on interviews, articles, or television items in Bosnian as well as international news items. If you have any ideas, wishes or plans to write or broadcast about the Sarajevo Peace Event, please do not hesitate to get in contact with our spokesmen. For all questions about our activities and our organization, you can send an E-mail to  with your general idea and contact information. If you decide to write something about the Peace Event, please let us know when and where the article is published. We will then post a link on our Website and Social Medias.

Unfortunately, due to a limited budget, we are unable to cover travel expenses and other similar costs for journalists to come to Sarajevo. During the Peace Event 2014, we do have a press corner where an information package is provided. More information on the location and the hours of this information point is

Please find Peace Event materials like flyers, posters and our logo here.

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