International Forum

The international forum consists of more than 100 workshops, plenary sessions, keynote speeches, conferences and roundtable discussions in central places of the city. Prominent speakers, such as the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates Mairead Maguire and Adolfo Perez Esquivel, will take part in the opening and closing ceremonies.

Opening Ceremony

will take place at Friday, June 6th, at 6 pm.

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Closing Ceremony

will take place at Monday, June 9th, at 4 pm.

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Round Tables:

CPN - A Culture of Peace and Nonviolence

GWP - Gender, Women and Peace

MA - Militarism and Alternatives

PSJ - Peace and Social Justice

RDP - Reconciliation and Dealing with the Past


All Round Tables take place in BKC, Bosanski Kulturni Centar, Branilaca Sarajeva 24

we tried to avoid to have workshops from the same category with the Round Table of that category.


Call for workshops

Peace Event Sarajevo / 6-9 June 2014

Fill out the online form for workshop proposals

Dear Friends,

     From 6 to 9 June 2014, an international meeting will takes place

 in Sarajevo: the Peace Event 2014, which will be an international exchange platform, for debate and information on different topics related to non-violence and peace. Thousands of people are expected there. This meeting will be based on conference and workshop allowing different peace activists from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe and around the world to share their experience and their challenge.

     Sarajevo, Symbolic city for having been the theatre of the event triggering the First World War, one century ago, the city was also the martyr city of the War in Bosnia and Herzegovina, twenty years ago. Nevertheless, nowadays Sarajevo is the capital of a destroyed multicultural society, which is now being rebuilt, in the heart of a zone, where in each states, men and women strive to overcome the scars of wars that accompanied the break-up of the Former Yugoslav federation.

That is the reason why we would like to make it, in June 2014, a meeting place for peace.

     Within this international meeting, will take place the First World Thematic Social Forum for Peace and Human Security, an international forum of Cities and communities for peace, events, cultural exhibits, a youth camp, and various thematic meetings.

       An international organizing committee, which brings together various Bosnian and international organizations, was established in September 2012 and the mobilization for this meeting has since grown in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in neighboring countries and in several countries in Europe.

The international coordinating committee defined the outlines of the Peace Event and all the organizations who wish to participate will be invited to offer concrete proposals for round-table, workshops, exhibitions and cultural activities related to these topics.

The next step is this call for workshops proposals.

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The international coordinating committee

Alessandro Capuzzo (Italian Network for Civil Peace Corps, Trieste) | Bernard Dréano & Viviane Gendrot & Philippe Bourdier(Helsinki Citizens' Assembly France, Paris) | Christian Renoux (International Network for a Culture of Nonviolence and Peace, Paris) | Dragana Dardic (Helsinki Citizens' Assembly Banja Luka) | Goran Bubalo (Mreža za izgradnju mira/Network for Building Peace, Sarajevo) | Ljuljjeta Goranci Brkic (Nansen Dialog Center, Sarajevo) | Pete Hämmerle (International Fellowship of Reconciliation Austria, Wien) | Reiner Braun (International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms/International Peace Bureau, Berlin) | Zaira Zafarana (Comitato Italiano per una Cultura di Pace e Nonviolenza/MIR Italy, Torino)



Debates and thematic proposals for Sarajevo Peace Event 2014

You will find below the first proposed topics for conferences, round tables and workshops. The programme will be completed gradually with the proposals from people involved in the preparation of the Peace Event. Workshops and round-tables will focus on the actual situation in Balkan region, rich of many experiences and initiatives, but also in other regions of the world where we can find the similar issues of War and Peace, and where, many discuss and experiment grassroots actions for peace and human security.

Active non violence (non-violent actions for social justice; non-violent revolutions)

Dealing with the past ( reconciliation ; peace memories ; culture of remembrance

Economy and War/Peace (war industry and arm trade; conversion of these industries)

Education for Non violence and Peace and active peace policy

History and Peace (history of the struggles and movements)

Human security (Human rights; gender justice; peace, economic, food, health and development security: alternative to national security)

Intercultural dialogue (cultural diversity; cultures and religions in peace building

Science and Peace (new technologies, scientists responsibilities, scientists for Peace)

Sustainability and Peace with Nature (ecological issues, economical systems and growth)

Women for Peace (role of women in/after war; gender issues and gender equality)

Here are some examples of possible thematic workshops:

Exchanges of experiences and practices, political target:

  • Acting against the war : grassroots experiences of actions in conflicts situations, solidarity action and the protection of human security
  • What does peace and raising awareness for non violent actions means nowadays?
  • How to act against warmongering, racist and xenophobic ideology and how to promote the education for peace?
  • Campaign against arm trade, landmines, etc...
  • Campaigns for the Nuclear disarmament and the abolition of weapons of mass destruction.
  • Etc..

Discuss forum among researchers, witnesses and actors of civil society

  • Challenges of human security nowadays in the region of the Balkan (including Turkey)
  • « Old » and « News » conflicts in the contemporary world
  • Social injustice, economic crisis and contemporary conflicts
  • Post-war challenges: reconstruction policy, stake of memory, reconversion of soldiers/fighters.
  • Fight against impunity and peace building : transitional justice, national and international justice, memory issues
  • Global security, the end of occupation, foreign military bases, control and of natural resources
  • Phenomenon of privatization of the state monopoly of violence (mercenaries, private security, border management..)
  • The militarized management of socials issues ( for instance  migration)
  • Etc…