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This was the

Peace Event 2014

Sarajevo, June 6 - 9, 2014

We will provide a documentation of the Peace Event with photos, videos, speaches and ... during the next weeks.

(only in English and local language)




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The Peace Event Sarajevo 2014: opening ceremony in BKC, Friday June 6th 2014               © k. karch 2014


Peace Event in Red Bulletin

although some time has passed since Sarajevo saw a great peace event, I wanted to let you know that it was mentioned in "Red Bulletin", a magazine produced by Red Bull. I am not a fan, I have to admit, but nevertheless I stumbled upon it and thought I'd let you know (in case you don't know it anyway).

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Finacial help needed

the Peace Event Sarajevo 2014 lies some month behind us now, but we still have it in our minds. It was the biggest international peace event 2014 and a central meeting point for peace activists in the year 2014 inviting for discussing with old and new friends and experiencing many cultural activities and dialogues of peace, non-violence, and justice. We got a lot of positive even enthusiastic reactions.

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Sarajevo Peace Event : la solidarité comme anticorps

Le Courrier des Balkans de notre correspondant à Sarajevo

par Andrea De Noni

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blogs d'Attac: Nouvelles du Peace Event Sarajevo 2014

Nous sommes 4 membres d’ATTAC (dont deux dans la délégation du Mouvement de la Paix) à être présents à Sarajevo Peace Event (Forum Social Mondial sur la paix et la sécurité humaine)...

par Daniel Hofnung

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Sarajevo Peace Event: la solidarietà come anticorpo

E' un “evento di pace” ed ha aperto le celebrazioni del mese del centenario dell'inizio della Prima guerra mondiale. Quasi 6.000 persone hanno partecipato dal 6 al 9 giugno al “Sarajevo Peace Event”.

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New photos added to the Photo-Galery

Impressions from the Party of the Volunteers at the end

Impressions from the Kamerni Theater

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Dignity and Freedom of Women in B&H after the War, the Mirror of Gender (in)equality

Speech by Memnuna Zvizdić, Association Žene ženama, Sarajevo, B&H in the women workshop “Which cultural changes are necessary to give women their dignity and freedom back?”

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