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This was the

Peace Event 2014

Sarajevo, June 6 - 9, 2014

We will provide a documentation of the Peace Event with photos, videos, speaches and ... during the next weeks.

(only in English and local language)




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The Peace Event Sarajevo 2014: opening ceremony in BKC, Friday June 6th 2014               © k. karch 2014


It’s still time to stop the war

Declaration to the Ukrainian and international press from the fact finding mission on behalf of the European Left, the Prague Spring II Network against Right Wing Extremism and Populism, and various networks of the world wide Peace Movement which has gathered recently at the Peace Event Sarajevo 2014

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Round Table Gender Women Peace - all lectures are online now!

Please have a look to the lectures of Ingeborg Breines (Norway, Co-President IPB), Dragana Dardic (BiH, Helsinki Citizens' Assembly Banja Luka), Jadranka Milicevic (BIH, Foundation CURE and CARE International, Sarajevo), Sissy Vovou (Greece, Activist) and some pictures.

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Documentation of Peace Assembly added

Have a look to the proposal put to the wall by participants.

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Impressions from Peace Event in the City: Peace March on Friday June 6th

have a look to the pictures of the Peace Event activities in City of Sarajevo on Friday June 6th.

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Report by Freek Landmeter, Director PAX

Building bridges and the challenge of Sarajevo

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Peace Event Sarajevo 2014 - by Heidi Meinzolt, WILPF, Germany

Linking a "Culture of Remembering" to a "Culture of Peace" - Sarajevo is the appropriate place to find crossroads between history, present and - hopefully a more peaceful - future

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