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This was the

Peace Event 2014

Sarajevo, June 6 - 9, 2014

We will provide a documentation of the Peace Event with photos, videos, speaches and ... during the next weeks.

(only in English and local language)




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The Peace Event Sarajevo 2014: opening ceremony in BKC, Friday June 6th 2014               © k. karch 2014


Round Table Gender Women Peace - all lectures are online now!

Please have a look to the lectures of Ingeborg Breines (Norway, Co-President IPB), Dragana Dardic (BiH, Helsinki Citizens' Assembly Banja Luka), Jadranka Milicevic (BIH, Foundation CURE and CARE International, Sarajevo), Sissy Vovou (Greece, Activist) and some pictures.

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Documentation of Peace Assembly added

Have a look to the proposal put to the wall by participants.

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Impressions from Peace Event in the City: Peace March on Friday June 6th

have a look to the pictures of the Peace Event activities in City of Sarajevo on Friday June 6th.

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Report by Freek Landmeter, Director PAX

Building bridges and the challenge of Sarajevo

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Peace Event Sarajevo 2014 - by Heidi Meinzolt, WILPF, Germany

Linking a "Culture of Remembering" to a "Culture of Peace" - Sarajevo is the appropriate place to find crossroads between history, present and - hopefully a more peaceful - future

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New articles on the German version.

You will find in German a report by Mechthild Klingenburg-Vogel, IPPNW, Germany and

from Reiner Braun and Tobias Pflüger: Theses on strategic considerations - What's next after the Peace Event Sarajevo 2014

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